Saturday, October 20, 2012

Door is an Inseparable Part of a Building

Door is an inseparable part of a building | Doors are opening in the wall through which the circulation between spaces will occur. From the aperture field is also anyone can enter or move to a different room. The door is not only applied to a building such as a house, but also on the cabinets, safes, vehicles, furniture, and others.

Doors that applied to buildings such as houses, usually made from wood. But along with the times, other materials such as PVC plastic, iron, aluminum, and glass have also applied to the door. But in everyday life, the door does not always refer to the opening in the wall or a room the place to enter and move something to another room.

The house door

Along with respect for a house as part of the lifestyle and the prestige of a family, then the door became one ornament or part of the house that gets special attention. Not only the form of design, but also the material. In addition to still meet the functional requirements that must be strong and secure in it. Even the part of this house now been studied from the point of communication. So there are open and closed.

Both type shows the way you communicate with outsiders or most simply with guests. Are you an open or closed in communication. Both the nature and ways of communicating can be represented in an ornament or part of a house that named door. However, in practice, the difference is not so extreme when considering the security aspect.

Some of the designs for this section can also be applied to your home. Are you happy with the  style of ethnic, ancient, modern, or want to combine among them. Now has available a variety of shapes and materials design. Staying just adjust your finances. However, as an important part of the house, the general design should also be kept in accordance with the overall design of the house. If your house is old-fashioned, classic, then the other parts also need to be harmonized or at least the part that will strengthens the style you choose.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Creating a Simple Home Design

Creating a simple home design | Owning a simple home but look pretty, it must be a dream for those who are married. Designing a simple house is actually not too hard, it can even be done by you without having to hire the services of a designer. If you have a home or still want to build a home, you can make a simple house designs easily. The most important thing is the alignment of the furnishings / furniture, color, and arrangement of space.

Tips for Designing a Simple House

Large or small home is not a problem to create a simple home design. Here are some tips for those who want to create a simple home of your dreams.

  • Simple house is a house that does not have too much furniture. Buy furniture that is important and indeed necessary, for example, chairs, tables, beds, cabinets, etc. The number of furniture should also be tailored to the needs, not the desire.
  • Design a simple house synonymous with minimalist house, so you should buy stuff that carries the theme. Choose furniture that is simple and does not have too much detail. For example, buy a sofa with a pattern or a color, not a sofa that has shades of "crowded" and luxurious impression. Another example, buy a simple coffee table, not a table filled with a buffer carving or other accessories.
  • For color in home design is simple, you should not use too much of a color contrast in the home or room. Using an assortment of contrasting color visible, will not create harmony room. For example, in the bedroom, you can use white wall color, for the color of the bed and other furniture can wear similar colors or colors that still looks cool.
  • If you want to wear a contrasting color, you should choose only 1-2 colors that match the wall color. For example, combining white with red and orange, or white with black color combine.
  • In the arrangement of furniture, make sure the space is not too much of an item that is not impressed narrow space. Put the important things and avoid the addition of decoration is not too important, in order does not raise any "crowded" in that space.
  • Simple house design was situated on the selection of furniture and the arrangement, but continue to be supported by other things that can makes a simple house to be looked beautiful.
  • Make sure that quite a lot of light coming into the room, so that your home does not seem gloomy. Observe also the sanitary of your house, so its will comfortable to live. The existence of a window and ventilation are important for regulation of air circulation, so your modest home not stuffy and smells.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Polyfoam - Light Materials which Ready to Wear

Polyfoam- Light materials which ready to wear | Have you ever imagined polyfoam material, a type steroafoam, light and easy to break into a construction material of your home? Maybe some of you doubts.

Combined with a steel wire that has been galvanized and placed on both sides of the polyfoam panel, these two materials forming a new material that can be applied to the material. In terms of health as well do not worry. Polyfoam material is non toxic, noy dangerous, not flammable, and does not have active chemicals.

This material can also be designed with the density and different thicknesses depending on the type of panel used. For example, the wall panels will be different with floor panels. While the diameter of the wire used is varies, from 2.5 mm-5mm.

Way of installation is very easy. For the walls, for example. Modular panels are placed according to the layout designed home that will be realized. Once attached, like plaster plastering brick. After that, the process is the same as installing a wall until the painting is complete.

Because it does not require drying and assembly time, can make the cost so much cheaper. In addition, this material is secured against the danger of earthquakes, soundproof, hurricane resistant, fire resistant, and easy to design.

In addition to the wall, this product can be applied on floors, walls, concrete roof, up the steps can be realized both materials.