Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Home Function

The Home Function | The house is a building that used as a shelter from the around environment and the weather, and as a place to work, hang out with family, rest etc. Peoples build their houses by make the foundation, covering the top with a roof, make the doors and windows for the exit or entrance and set up the wall. 

Now, the function of the house is not just as a shelter and protective building only, but is a means to express the owner's personality through style and model selection, interior and exterior arrangement etc. The occupier can applies his personal desire in the form of home accessories and ornament. 

Therefore, day to day, people get to know a lot of models that develop from time to time. Ranging wood to concrete and from classic to modern. The number of choices can makes prospective homeowners freely express the dreams and vision of the ideal occupancy. The home designers and architects also required more creative to make it happen.

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