Friday, September 28, 2012

Choosing Gypsum Board and Tricks for Overcoming Leaks on the Roof

Choosing Gypsum Board and Tricks for Overcoming Leaks on the Roof | Same with cement, gypsum board is made from lime added with other additives that have the uniform characteristics, so people will be difficult to distinguish the quality of one product with another. The shape of Gypsum Board is a form sheet measuring 1.2 x 2.4 m in addition to customized sizes, thickness 9-15 mm, and gray or white. Because of that, the references and experience from other side that more skilled such as the contractor will determines the choice of developer.

So far, there is no problem. Board is not easy moldy if exposed splashes of water, and not curved. Therefore when developing our own housing, we use the product as well. Gypsum board vulnerable to water. Because of its strength is determined by the quality of the paper that coats it. If the paper is not good, then the water is quickly absorbed, quickly to  perforated, , expanded or curved and moldy gypsum.

Tricks overcoming leaks on the roof

The leak roof commonly experienced by houses that use zinc as a material to coverings the roof. To fix this problem, provide Styrofoam or cork sufficiently. Then prepare the fourth (quarter) liter gasoline. Then insert the cork had to gasoline. Cork result will dissolve in gasoline, but keep the solution is not too dilute.

After that you just had to put the solution to the leaks roof as the cement to leakage zinc. Once dry, your leaky roof can be overcome.

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