Saturday, October 20, 2012

Door is an Inseparable Part of a Building

Door is an inseparable part of a building | Doors are opening in the wall through which the circulation between spaces will occur. From the aperture field is also anyone can enter or move to a different room. The door is not only applied to a building such as a house, but also on the cabinets, safes, vehicles, furniture, and others.

Doors that applied to buildings such as houses, usually made from wood. But along with the times, other materials such as PVC plastic, iron, aluminum, and glass have also applied to the door. But in everyday life, the door does not always refer to the opening in the wall or a room the place to enter and move something to another room.

The house door

Along with respect for a house as part of the lifestyle and the prestige of a family, then the door became one ornament or part of the house that gets special attention. Not only the form of design, but also the material. In addition to still meet the functional requirements that must be strong and secure in it. Even the part of this house now been studied from the point of communication. So there are open and closed.

Both type shows the way you communicate with outsiders or most simply with guests. Are you an open or closed in communication. Both the nature and ways of communicating can be represented in an ornament or part of a house that named door. However, in practice, the difference is not so extreme when considering the security aspect.

Some of the designs for this section can also be applied to your home. Are you happy with the  style of ethnic, ancient, modern, or want to combine among them. Now has available a variety of shapes and materials design. Staying just adjust your finances. However, as an important part of the house, the general design should also be kept in accordance with the overall design of the house. If your house is old-fashioned, classic, then the other parts also need to be harmonized or at least the part that will strengthens the style you choose.

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