Thursday, October 4, 2012

Polyfoam - Light Materials which Ready to Wear

Polyfoam- Light materials which ready to wear | Have you ever imagined polyfoam material, a type steroafoam, light and easy to break into a construction material of your home? Maybe some of you doubts.

Combined with a steel wire that has been galvanized and placed on both sides of the polyfoam panel, these two materials forming a new material that can be applied to the material. In terms of health as well do not worry. Polyfoam material is non toxic, noy dangerous, not flammable, and does not have active chemicals.

This material can also be designed with the density and different thicknesses depending on the type of panel used. For example, the wall panels will be different with floor panels. While the diameter of the wire used is varies, from 2.5 mm-5mm.

Way of installation is very easy. For the walls, for example. Modular panels are placed according to the layout designed home that will be realized. Once attached, like plaster plastering brick. After that, the process is the same as installing a wall until the painting is complete.

Because it does not require drying and assembly time, can make the cost so much cheaper. In addition, this material is secured against the danger of earthquakes, soundproof, hurricane resistant, fire resistant, and easy to design.

In addition to the wall, this product can be applied on floors, walls, concrete roof, up the steps can be realized both materials.

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