Monday, November 19, 2012

The Treatment of Clothes Closet

The treatment of clothes closet | Each family is sure to have a closet, wardrobe furniture, dresser, closet or other storage. Size was varied, ranging from the size of small, medium, and large. All are eligible and must get care that is not easily broken cupboard and moldy.

Cabinets with different size and function then for sure also of treatments will vary. For all treatments depending on the type of material used. Here are tips for treating particles Board fueled closet because this kind of material it requires more care than other types of materials.

  1. In putting cabinets try to make room gave the good air circulation by giving a distance of ± 5 cm from the wall. It is intended to have a good air circulation. Wall cabinets are not easy to damp and wet. If the wall cabinets damp and wet it will speed up the process of decay closet.
  2. Clean the closet about once a month, especially during the rainy season is high humidity levels. Both on the outside and on the inside by first issuing cupboard.
  3. Give closet deodorizers, mothballs, or by applying a magic chalk on the corners of the wall so as not to invite ants, rats and cockroaches that would go into our closet.
  4. Always close the wardrobe closely.
  5. Position in space room or space has a lighting, as in the closet is usually dark.
  6. Always trim the clothes in it, so that clothes do not tangle and allocate to check whether the state wardrobe remains dry or moist conditions.
  7. Keep the wardrobe placement from a felt moist or frequently exposed to water.
  8. If you want our wardrobe more durable and always in dry conditions, it's best to paint across the wardrobe with special synthetic paint wood and iron. This type of paint can be a water barrier in the wall cupboard.
It is not too difficult to care and maintain a wardrobe to keep them clean, neat, and durable. Stay intentions and our will that determines whether we want our wardrobe to last or not.

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